5 Days NIP Trip To Naran

On the morning of 28th August, 2019, a travel group consisting of NIP students along with some members of the faculty and staff left for a 3-day stay trip to Naran.The trip had been organized by NIP Student Club under the supervision of NIP Student Affairs Incharge, Dr. Rubina Hanif and NIP Director, Prof. Dr. Anila Kamal in collaboration with Nature Explorer Tours.

The journey started at 8 am from NIP in three coasters. Students’ enthusiasm and excitement for the trip was worth seeing. Listening to music and enjoying friends’ company, the group made its first stop for breakfast on its way to Shogran. Fascinating scenery and pleasant weather compelled students to save their trip memories in form of photographs. After reaching Shogran, jeeps were hired to take the trippers to a well-known high-altitude plateau Siri Paye through a steep and narrow rocky road. The journey took 40-50 minutes in jeeps and on reaching the destination, students started exploring the beautiful surroundings, taking pictures and having tea with famous pakoras of the spot. It wasn’t until dusk that the exhausted students started stepping towards their jeeps and headed towards the hotel where night stay of the group had been arranged. Some trippers took rest before dinner while others enjoyed the musical performance by some of the fellow students which continued even after dinner along with traditional luddi and even more fun. Local market was also visited by some students and it was around around 2 am in the morning that the students started to think about moving into their rooms as early time for the next day’s breakfast and timely departure from the hotel had already been announced while dinner was being served.

Next day after breakfast, the caravan of trippers started its journey towards Naran. After settling in their hotel rooms in Naran around midday, the trippers got into jeeps again and headed towards the world famous Lake Saif-ul-Malook. The place was quite crowded but had a lot of activities for the visitors. Some students, led by Dr. Naeem Aslam, hiked towards an army camp while others enjoyed boating and horse riding on the spot. After spending few hours on the location and taking mandatory pictures on bridges, boats, horses and rocks, the trippers began to gather at jeep points. Back at the hotel, many students went to roam around in the nearby market and on the bank of River Kunhar as dinner was to be served after an hour. After dinner, students spent some time playing hide and seek, luddo, cards and water gun games.

After breakfast the next morning, the group left for Babusar Top, the highest point in the Babusar Valley. While travelling to Babusar Top, a brief stay was made at the Lulusar Lake because of the picturesque views that it offered. The amazing location almost made students forget about that they had limited time to spend at the spot. The weather started to change dramatically as the destination drew near. After taking lunch at Babusar Top, the students began exploring the cold and high altitude surroundings. Chilly breeze made most trippers pack themselves in warm jackets and gloves. The view from top was exquisite; the aesthetic scenery mesmerizing! At dusk students were called back to their coasters to start the return journey to the hotel in Naran.

The next morning after breakfast, the return journey to Islamabad started. On the way, a brief stay at Payala Lake was made before stopping at River Kunhar for river rafting. Exhausted from rafting, everyone enjoyed the scrumptious lunch served at Balakot along the bank of River Kunhar. After lunch, the journey continued towards Islamabad and the destination was reached round 9 pm.