NIP - Test Resource centre

Test Resource Centre (TRC) at NIP can boast of more than two hundred psychological tests and batteries. A wide variety of standardized tests and inventories are also available. The tests have been imported from foreign developers and also developed locally at the institute. The collection contains tests related to categories of Clinical and Screening tests, Educational tests, Intelligence tests, Aptitudes tests, Personality Inventories, and Vocational tests. A list of questionnaires and tests/scales translated, adapted, and developed in NIP researches (M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D.) can be procured on payment. TRC provides an opportunity for students and researchers to undertake an extensive study of various types of tests and inventories. This enables them to maintain standards of excellence.

TRC also facilitates customized testing and assessment. Organizations can approach the institute for administration tests and aptitude batteries. NIP sends a team of trained psychologists to administer the requested test. For convenience it would be appreciated if scheduled tests are notified (or requested 30 days in advance). Moreover, concurrent testing programms and tests can also be developed specifically for organizations and institutions.

The editors prepared working manuals for these tests and scales by compiling all the relevant information from available research reports and dissertations. The manuals are also reviewed by eminent subject experts. The manuals encompass the essential description which would be facilitative for the test user. Another important feature of these manuals is that if the scale is used in some other researches especially at NIP, that data along with sample specifications are also mentioned as further studies. Therefore, the test user would benefit from the psychometric properties established on different samples of different topics and research areas.

Rules and Regulations

1. Tests are issued for a period of two weeks. However, on special demand the lending time may be extended with approval of TRC incharge.

2. Following documents are required for issuance for the particular test/document etc.

a) Application
b) Certification/Recommendation by the supervisor
c) Price/Fee/Charges. (if any).
d) Undertaking regarding ethical issue

3. In case of demand of the issued test by another person, the test can be retrieved back by TRC. Tests that have been recalled should be returned within one week of the recalled time.

4. Test will be issued by the TRC incharge only. N o test will be issued without the signature of requester on issuance register.

5. No test will be issued on telephonic request or via e-mail. Signature of issuance authority and requester both are essential for issuance of test.

6. Maximum of two tests will be issued at a time.

7. Students are not allowed to take tests outside TRC without the permission of TRC incharge.

8. In case of loss of test material the TRC incharge should be informed (In such a case fine will be charged according to the purchasing cost of test material lost).

9. The entire tests in the test resource center have copyright. This means that no part of the test may be copied without the Authors’ / publishers’ permission.

10. If a person requires several test booklets and answer sheets for research, these can be ordered through the TRC incharge.

11. A request form must be filled for the purchase of any test.

12. The Test Resources Center is open on:
Monday to Friday (10:00 am – 3:00 pm)

For further details contact

Ms. Saira Khan 
Incharge, TRC

Ms. Sajida Perveen
Coordinator, TRC