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Socio-Psychological Aspects of Crime in Pakistan. Pervaiz Naeem Tariq &
Naeem Durrani
. Rs.500.00 (ISBN 969-8022-03-1).

Study Habits and Attitudes of Students. Z. A. Ansari.
Rs.500.00 (ISBN 969-9022-02-3).

Personality Dynamics of Pakistani Children. Seema Pervez.
Rs.500.00 (ISBN 969-9022-05-08).

Video Games in Pakistan: A Psychological Perspective. Muhammad Pervez. Rs.500.00 (ISBN 696-8022-04).

Muslim Contributions to Psychotherapy and Other Essays. Muhammad Ajmal. Rs.500.00 (ISBN 696-9022-08-2).

Evaluation of Field-Based Teachers' Training Programme in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Shaheen Chowdhri & Sohail Abbas. 
Rs.500.00 (ISBN 696-8022-09-0).

Analysis of Mass Media Appealing to Women. Seema Pervez.
Rs. 500.00 (ISBN 969-8022-11-2).

A Study of Female Crime in Rural and Urban Areas of Pakistan.
Pervaiz Naeem Tariq. 
Rs.500.00 (ISBN 969-8022-10-4).

Cognitive Development in Primary School Children of Pakistan. Muhammad Pervez & Naeem Durrani (Eds.). Rs.500.00 (ISBN 969-8022-13-9).

A Comparative Psychological Profile of Professional and Non-Professional Criminals in Pakistan. Pervaiz Naeem Tariq.  Rs.1000.00 (ISBN 969-8022-21-10).

The Role of Play in the Development of Pre-school Children. Seema Pervez. Rs.1000.00 (ISBN 969-8022-22-8).

Concrete Operational Thought as a Construct and its Relevance to School Education in Pakistan. Muhammad Pervez. Rs.1000.00 (ISBN 969-8022-22-0).

The assessment of attributional styles of depressives and non-depressives through an indigenously developed Depression Scale. Salma Siddiqui. Rs.1000.00 (ISBN 969-8022-33-4).

Pattern of responses of psychotic and normal females on Rorschach.
Ghazala Naheed Farooqui.  Rs.1000.00 (ISBN 969-8022-34-1).

Sexual Harassment at workplaces and coping strategies employed by women.
Anila. Rs. 1000.00 (ISBN 969-8022-36-5)