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Students from National Institute of Psychology participated in Mental Health week

Students from National Institute of Psychology participated in Mental Health week organized by Government College University Lahore. Multiple events and competitions were held on 28th, 29th and 30th of April, 2014. The purpose of celebrating mental health week was to promote awareness among young scholars about the social realities. Various leading universities like Punjab University, Forman Christian College, Beacon House National University, University of Lahore, University of Sargodah and University of management and Technology participated in the event. On the first day of the event Poster Competition was held. Students from National Institute of Psychology presented the posters on themes like miseries of people due to unemployment, inflation, load-shedding, poverty, gender violence, injustice, illiteracy, media biasness and religious prejudice and effect of these factors on people’s mental health. Ms. Mahpara (Ph.D Scholar) from National Institute of Psychology won the constellation Prize. Poster competition was followed by a walk. On the second day of the event All Pakistan mime competition was held. National Institute of Psychology won first position in the competition. Students performed a mime highlight the issue of usage of mobile phones during Driving. A team of seven members took part in the performance. Members included Ms. Rayna Sadia, Ms. Saira Firdous, Haziq Mehmood, Ms. Nimrah, Ms. Amna, Ms. Lubab Batool and Ms. Sidra Shaheen. On the third day all Pakistan quiz completion was held. A three membered team comprising of Ms. Rayna Sadia, Ms. Sehrish Abbasi and Ms. Kanwal Iftikhar took part in the competition. National Institute of Psychology got third position in the quiz Competition.



NIP celebrated Spring Gala 2014 on 11th April, 2014 with full zeal and zest. The multiple activities and competitions were held to make the day full of enjoyment. The students, staff and faculty of NIP took part in all the activities. The building of NIP was decorated by students with colored ribbons and balloons. They shared the responsibilities with the event organizers i.e., Dr. Rubina Hanif and Mr. Mohsin Sajjad with enthusiasm and eagerness. The thrilling competitions of games including three leg race, tug of war, sack race, chatti race, spoon race, musical chair and singing were held between students, faculty and staff. The winners were awarded certificates at the spot by Director NIP. Along with games, food stalls with variety of yummy eatables were also source of enjoyment for the participants. Further, event went more colorful due to some stalls by M.Phil/Ph.D students in the supervision of their course instructor (Health Psychology), Dr. Jamil A Malik. They presented various fun activities in order to create awareness of healthy lifestyles. This successful event would be one of the memorable and happy day in the lives of all the participants.



Cricket event was held in National Institute of Psychology as a part of Health Psychology course taught to M.Sc IV and M.Phil. The sports activity filled passion and excitement in the middle of tight scheduled routine of NIP. The two classes formed two teams for this friendly match; one team was NIP boomers from M.Sc IV and other was NIP Riders from MPhil. NIP boomers color code was red and they dyed the whole atmosphere red whereas NIP riders had black color for their team. The supporting campaign started a week before the cricket match. Posters were pasted in every corner of NIP. Boomer made their bat and ball and get it signed from the faculty and supporters. NIP boomers and riders were seen practicing for the match at the front and back side of NIP during free time. Those who weren’t participating in the match were seen commentating and cheering their team. Administration of NIP also facilitated the event to be a successful one. Everyone was excited for the match. Faculty members and the Director of NIP, Prof. Dr. Anila Kamal also supported both teams during the match. Their presence raised the spirit and confidence of the match. Match was held on 21st March, 2014. It was the beautiful day with light shower. The match started with the high morale and passion. The whole atmosphere was filled with hooting and songs. NIP riders won the toss and the match. This event was successful as it highlighted the importance of getting involved in physical activity which is not emphasized nowadays. Over all, the activity provided an event for everyone to enjoy themselves which made everyone glad at the end of the day.


To mark 150 years of academic excellence of GC University, International Conference on Social Psychology was an event arranged in May, 2014. This conference provided a broad overview of Social psychology, both classic and current. The overarching goal of this conference was to provide the participants with a working knowledge of social psychology and to stimulate an interest in ourselves, the world around us, and the connections between the two. This concerns how we become who we are, how our personalities are shaped by others, the groups we belong to, the social structures around us, and our interactions as social beings. NIP Faculty and Students Participated in this event and presented the papers. Some of the papers that were presented by NIP students and faculty were the “Spiritual Intelligence and Conflict Resolution among Couples”, “Voting Behavior and its Relationship with Civic Engagement and Political Efficacy among Adolescents and Adults”, “Post Traumatic Growth, Trajectory among Flood Exposed Individuals: Evidenced from a Longitudinal Study”, “Comparison of Voters and Non Voters on Social Demographic and Personality Factors in General Elections 2013, Pakistan” and “An Exploration of Impression Management Styles among University Students”, “ Character Strengths, Learned Optimism, and Social Competence Among University Students”, Emotion Regulation and Adjustment Among Medical Students”, “Family functioning, Health Promoting Behavior, and Quality of Life Across Generations”, Professor Dr. Anila Kamal, Dr. Jamil. A. Malik, Dr. Humaira Jami, Ms. Aisha Zubair, Ms.Shaista, and Mr. Naeem Aslam were the co-authors of these papers.


It is always inspirational to do something out of the ordinary in your daily life routine which can make you more pious and responsible towards your community and nation. On the same positive note NIP also contributed with full attribution and enthusiasm for the cleanliness day which was organized for all departments of Quaid-i- Azam University. We as being the students of NIP are interlinked with the University and it is our prime duty to take part in every community service that is organized for our betterment. Along with the whole university we also decided to organize a day to clean up all the litter and debris from our department as much as we can. Clean surroundings are very important to live a healthy life for two main reasons; Nature is to be treasured and as humans its our prime responsibility to take care of our surroundings. If surroundings are clean its eventually going to benefit us. Another main reason for cleaning the litter around our department was to prevent minor diseases or bacteria to spread. The more litter we would have around us, the more dangerous it would be towards our health. As responsible citizens and also student of QAU it should be our prime most responsibility to not only organize just one day for cleanliness but make sure to throw any trash that is dispose by us in proper trash cans. And also to stop any person from throwing off litter around and make them realize the importance of clean environment for the sake of health and survival. Being part of this wonderful activity I have witnessed my self that each student of NIP was enjoying and had a great feeling of satisfaction after it. Doing such activities increase one’s morale and one should definitely give it a try to experience this side of life.


A poetry competition, arranged by “Debating and Literary Society of Quaid-e-Azam University”, was held on 19th May, 2014 at Geo-Physics auditorium. Nimra Meher, student of M.Sc III, at National Institute of Psychology, participated in the competition and won the 2nd prize. In the Prize distribution ceremony, worthy Vice chancellor QAU, Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad awarded her the shield. Topic for her poetry was “Mann” (Dil)

Yay tum sy keh dia kis nay,
Tumhi ko sochta hai Mann,
Tumhi ko khojta hai Mann,
Bohat sy kaam hain iss ko...
Tumhi ko sochty rehna,
Tumhi ko khojtay rehna,
Isay kab raas aya hai,
Magar tum jhaank kr dekho,
Zara ess may utar jao,
Kahin kuch bhi na paogy,
Kbi kuch bhi na paogy,
Magar apny siwa ess may.....
Magar apnay siwa ess may..!!!!