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A Good Opportunity to Seek Knowledge of Psychology

National Institute of Psycholog is offering Certificate Courses at M.Sc and M.Phil Level in Fall Semester, 2014. For registration contact students affairs section at 051-90944146.

LIST OF COURSES - MSC LEVEL (Minimum Qualification : B.A / B.Sc)
PY-001 English Proficiency  
PY-303 Applied Statistics  
PY-305 Measurement in Psychology  
PY-306 Social Psychology  
PY-307 Personality Psychology  
PY-315 Experimental Psychology  
PY-316 Psychopathology  
PY-317 Research Methods in Psychology  
PY-318 Data Analysis  
PY-319 Introduction to Applied Areas of Psychology  
PY-320 Cognitive & Affective Processes  
PY-402 Human Resource Management  
PY-412 Organizational Behaviour  
PY-413 Comsumer Behaviour and Marketing  
PY-426 School Psychology  
PY-429 Education and Community  
PY-433 Assessment Evaluation and Interpretation  
PY-456 Developmental Disorders - I  
PY-457 Developmental Disorders - II  
PY-458 Developmental Psychopathology and its Prevention  
PY-481 Psychology of Communication  
PY-483 Behavioral Neuroscience  
PY-486 Clinical Psychology  
LIST OF COURSES - M.PHIL LEVEL (Minimum Qualification : M.Sc)
PY-602 Research Methodology  
PY-613 Psychometrics  
PY-630 Psychosocial Interventions in Disaster Management  


B.A/B.Sc for any M.Sc level course and BS-4Years, or M.A/M.Sc for any M.Phil level course.
Prior background of Psychology as major discipline is not mandatory.

For fee structure and any other information

Teaching Coordinator



Student Affairs Section

Ms. Nelofar kiran


Students Affairs Section